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Huddle to and
Cuddle fro,
Sit together, skin-to-skin.
Skin-deep comfort:
Lining smiles and
Warm, sun-sprinkled butterflies.
Not important
As it is,
Yet a gentle glow release.
Sweet sibling of them three,
And of all a need and glory.
Even half-forgotten,
Still the only breeze for wings we lost,
Forif we're all angels on vacation.
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 2 0
Don't be afraid.
Sometime, when You're tired;
Sometime, when You're weary;
Sometime, when You're mired,
And the rain is too heavy...
You can bathe in the skies;
You can drink nectar of life;
You can root in time itself,
Why weave with pain a knife...
A knife, a slice of Your life.
Cut Your cake, eat it apiece -
A spouse, a job, a car, a house.
Always living life on lease.
Your hunger You don't feed,
Though food is all You have.
Wake up, 'tis not for Your need
That the rain so bitterly bites.
It's for a need much greater,
For the need of others.
Since none but one is healer
And that one is another.
A hand moves the greatest mountain.
A hand shines the senses pure pleasure.
A hand lights the flame in a soul.
Reach out.
All that's done is then forgiven,
And all that be is too forgiven,
And all that will is chanced - forgiven.
Only then can pain, can hunger, fade,
All You're afraid for is Yourself.
We're all selfish and unfair,
Your choice it is, to fly as self,
Or to l
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 2
The Peacemaker - perspective 1
A cool, very dry breeze from the climate control system ruffles the sheets on the general's desk.
Many of them have "TOP SECRET" stamped in the rusty colour of blood.
But there is just one crumpled sheet which almost burns under her unforgiving gaze.
"Sgt. Bailey's personal diary", is the only line that can be seen, written with a weather-resistant pen. The handwriting is a little childish, as if the hand had not seen pen n' paper in some time.
She extends a rough, trained hand, fingernails trimmed, and turns it around.
The entry is not dated, altough she knows the date quite well, and knows the exact hours when soldiers usually get around to updating their diaries. She suspects that the sergeant got to writing even before getting his scarce dinner this time. Sheesh, this is really big trouble for the military. None of her advisors have any useful advice, 'tough it's debatable if they ever had any. And she feels stuck too, and she hates that feeling. The soldiers don't want to fight, t
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 1 0
Smile, Laugh and Celebrate
Smile, laugh and celebrate,
It's Your eve and Your demise.
You never wanted nothing else,
Always wanted for Yourself?
'Tis true, for not a finger did You lift,
As cries shred the air in bloody mist.
You never let Yourself cry,
Now stand alone by Your pride!
You will look for solace shy,
And You will find but poison tide.
Hollow laughter, false hope and distrust
Shine in Your children's eyes along Lust.
You corrupted the words of the ancients,
Your science cursed dreams to damnation.
The fruits of Your "arts" are steel in the heart of light
'Tis true for each and every nation.
Now we're all blind, groping around
In hazy green clouds of poison,
Crucified on our graves' mound,
In wet, unending thought-devouring heat, forever.
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 1 3
All That's Left
We won't see no precious fire,
Our home is now a cold white flame
For the heavy stone of our desire
Has crushed our heart, with eyes of shame.
Our "grand hope" will not awaken,
Our children are all bones and dust,
For white-hot hatred had us shaken,
We had forgotten, sin of "must".
We dared say that they were nothing,
We had forgotten gentle touch,
We made a crown of steel and coal,
With dirty fingers, burnt our soul!
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 1 7
A Matter of Perspective
At first, I was just a sparkle in the periphery of the fire of life, a little drop in the ocean of warmth that existed between two souls.
Then I was twice me. And then twice me again. And again. The creative power of nature pulsed through me, pulling together the threads that bind all things, living and non-living. A miracle in the circle of life occurred as mechanics old as the universe itself shook off all notions of stagnation and rose to bind history in me.
From the birth of the first particle of the universe, through trillions upon trillions of single cells, through the rise and fall of civilizations and the birth and death of galaxies.
Through my parents' births through their parents' love. Through the many thousands of years that made words and notions come alive in the minds of 21'st century people, so that they could say "I love art!", years that added meaning to thoughts of 'hobby', 'interest', 'culture', 'human', 'life'.
To the tiny drops of sweat on my mother's forehead whe
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 1 2
Prince Arthur 1
The witch, who was banned even by her own brethren, stepped forward.
Prince Arthur still stood warily at the entrance of the shallow room. His very presence in this hideous place brought the scent of the ever-green, endless English fields and his fine longbow, hung loosely on his back, sprinkled the whole room with the smell of young yew, the noble Archer's Tree. Excalibur, whose magic usually made it shine gently even in places of total darkness, emitted only a dull, greyish glow.
Arthur didn't say a word, but rather felt the thoughts being forced in his mind without any willful move from his side. "You'll pay for your prideful venture here, and you will have to, right now. Who did you think you were in coming to my private kingdom? Your mind is as shallow to me as an inch-deep puddle! Your petty complaints of my influencing the mind of your folkmen are of no interest to me..." The prince shook his head violently and yelled:
- Do not dare trying to use your bag of weird magick tricks
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 1 0
Transcend oneself
The vibrant sword in my hands,
The eternal movement of the sands,
The soul-stretching righteous fire...
I'm of Holiness a humble squire.
One day I woke up and I went -
No more waiting for a sign god-sent.
Truthfulness shall be one's knife
Compassion guards from outside strife,
Forbearance lets one easily glide
And never lets the evil inside hide.
I walked and walked until I saw,
Myself again, in Despair's gnaw.
The sword rose in shining flight,
The sands stretched 'till out of sight,
The fire burnt fiercely in greater height...
They crushed the foulness and the evil
My chaotic thoughts slowly turned all civil.
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 1
Evils running in disguise,
Binding their unholy ties.
Thou shall soon know a true fear,
Impaled by the Godly Spear.
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 0
E-bay plea
As you wish,
my dear friend;
(But PLEASE!!!)
your E-bay fiend!
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 1
Secret Garden 1
There lies a secret ever-blooming garden,
Beneath the cloak of a dirty, foul warden.
Can You still make Your Way,
And can You find Your Key?
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 0
Try spoil the Truth
What lies beyond Infinity?
There are limits to insanity!
Try spoil the eternal Truth,
The Gods won't show you any ruth!
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 0
Good Night 1
Have a good night
Sleep well and tight!
Dream of starful skies
Feel the severed ties...
Go beyond the final frontier -
Think your inner seer.
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 0
Through Your warm brown eyes
Through Your warm brown eyes
Flow rivers of quick sunlight, and
The tired wings, bound with ties,
Are spread again in this cold night.
Gentle golden light has filled
All shapes and borders in my sight.
The rusty locks are thus unsealed,
The soul is back, and come what might!
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 0
Trace of Starlight
The life of a Star,
a frail vision of eternity,
born in the palm of God,
to join Heaven in fraternity.
Archangels line up in procession,
Drawing their gigantic swords,
Bursts of holy Light in a succession.
Saluted by the Highest Lords,
The small Star rises!
A great new journey then begins,
Peace and wonders never seen.
The Dreambringer flies through the skies.
Burning with a great compassion,
Filled with a hope so bright,
The Star sees mankind, in deception;
And kneels before the throne of Light.
There! Hidden deep within the azure clouds,
The young Star finally returns, and
Its smile away the anger shrouds,
While its Angel-wings our souls mend.
Too much fighting, darkness, poison -
Rage, betrayal and the highest treason.
The Angel's heart is heavy now with tears,
How could it be It wasn't stronger than men's fears!
"Poor creatures - so many a lust and a desire!" -
Drops of blood colour the way up Heaven's Spire.
The Star stops before the golden Gates in hesitation,
Then "Selflessness!
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 0
Hard is the life of a pupil
Труден е живота на ученика,
По цял ден той прекарва в автобуса,
Я карта да си купи,
Я нета да плати,
Я контролно съня му неспокоен да смути.
:iconemanuil-tolev:emanuil-tolev 0 0


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On the topic of journals...

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 7:29 PM

This is going to mostly be a journal entry on the topic of journals. Diaries of other people, journals + me and how we fit together.

First off, I'd like to (sort of) feature the following diary. It's the old diary (1998 to 2005) of Telsa Gwynne (she's Welsh, I should think). She's the wife of Alan Cox, one of the best-known Linux kernel developers (slash geeks and outstanding programmers) of our time. She has a quite succinct and brief style, and an excellent sense of humour. You're going to love it if you or a close person around you falls into one of categories "geek", "spouse/partner of geek"! It's also _the_ oldest example of a blog/journal sort of thing I've ever seen on the Internet.

There's also the thing about me and diaries/blogs/journals. My dear Maladikta suggested a skin for me to use, which is gorgeous and can be found at… . What she does not know, however, is that I have a special thing about journals - I like mine in retro-hacker style, green-on-black. The skin I've used for this post actually combines that color scheme with a rather good aesthetic, simple piece of art. I don't know why, I just enjoy this colour scheme very much. Mind you, I'll probably use the White Rush skin for one of my next entries :). (Update: Yeah, I definitely will be using the aforementioned. I wanted the text to be green as well. I guess that what I really want is a perfectly simple html pages collection which I can *MANUALLY* edit and organize using the command line on Linux or Notepad on Windows, then I will be happy. Easy to please, ain't I?)

~~~~ Emanuil Tolev 2009-Nov-12 03:26 (GMT)

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
  • Listening to: Once Upon a December (sung by Liz Callway)
  • Reading: "Theoretical Comp. Sci." lectures
  • Eating: Toasted bread with butter.
  • Drinking: When I finally get around to it - Earl Grey tea.


Emanuil Tolev
United Kingdom
I'm a Computer Science BSc graduate (UK) and am originally from Bulgaria. I'd really like to learn singing and playing the piano and the harp, as well as learning drawing. My current art capabilities extend only to the form of writing I'm afraid :). When I write, I use my interpretations of various popular imagery, such as angels and God - they represent selflessness for me, and are *NOT* religious images. I'm certainly neither Christian nor religious in any way myself.

I do have great, very deep respect for the compassionate teachings of Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa), altough I'm not a practitioner.

Sometime in the future I will be engaged to Maladikta, so I guess You could say she's my future fiancee :), which makes me extremely happy :huggle:!

Most of my works were written as "early poetic attempts", so please do not refrain from properly criticizing them ;). I still haven't finished any "mature" written work, though doesn't one continiuosly develop oneself...

Current Residence: Cardiff, Wales, UK
deviantWEAR sizing preference: No idea. I would guess small or medium though, I'm quite lightly built
Print preference: I like large prints (e.g. nature shots), but sometimes larger sizes just aren't suitable.
Favourite genre of music: Uhm.. gentle new-age / celtic / irish / gaelic melodies..
Favourite photographer: Definitely no idea :D.
Favourite style of art: Gentle things, like light sculptures, nature shots, digital stuff (unicorns, planets, fractals)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 / Ubuntu 13.04
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen (don't have one though)
Shell of choice: Bash
Wallpaper of choice: Wallpapers with cats, also abovementioned favourite style of art
Skin of choice: Black-green / Black-blue hacker's themes. Also minimalistic white.
Favourite cartoon character: Maggie the Elder Fairy from Ferngully - Last of the Rainforests


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